It’s #BTS time!

That’s “Back to School” for those not up on their acronyms. We’re often asked how teachers and students can make use of the Homeless Hub for their work and studies. So this week’s Ask the Hub isn’t a response to a formal question but rather one that is raised often with us.

  • Use the Homeless Hub library. With over 30,000 resources, the Homeless Hub is the largest repository of homelessness information in the world. And much of it is Canadian.
  • Research the Topics sections. These topics — which will be going through a revamp this year — provide a summary of key points of information and link to articles that can be used for further information.

  • Get geographical information through the Community Profiles. The 61 CABs that receive funding from the federal government each have a profile on the Hub which lists current stats and reports related to that community.
  • Explore our Curriculums. We have ideas for elementary and secondary schools and useful factsheets for students. Next week we will be releasing updated curriculum units and later on this year we will be working on a resource for post-secondary institutions and students as well. Keep a look-out for those!

We are here to help. Don’t forget to send your questions to the Hub for our Friday Ask the Hub series.