Large-or small-scale, evaluation is a vital part of building or sustaining any initiative. As accountability standards become more common, many funders now require evaluation to be a part of any proposal. It is important for a thoughtful evaluation plan to be developed in this proposal phase, since an underdeveloped evaluation plan can be difficult to implement when the funding finally comes through. This can hinder the success of your initiative overall and not optimize the full potential of what evaluations can offer.


But never fear, we are here to help! Here at Hub Solutions (a Canadian Observatory on Homelessness social enterprise), part of our mandate is to build capacity within the homelessness sector. We know the ins and outs on what should go in a proposal before it turns into action, and our open-door policy can support you when you need it most. So we’ve put together the Hub Solutions Evaluation Consultation Giveaway to give you a crack at it! Fill out this 15 minute application for a chance to win a free evaluation consultation by our team.


If you’ve got an upcoming project that has an evaluation component, be sure submit your application for to tap John Ecker, our Director of Research and Evaluation. He, and our expert team in research and evaluation will be happy answer your questions before you hit ‘submit’ on your application. The deadline – November 30, 2018 – is quickly approaching, so the earlier the better. That way, you’ll put your best foot when you’re ready to submit the application at a chance to win. Also, when the funding comes in, you’ll have a solid foundation to kick off your initiative, and a strategy on how to sustain it.