These infographics by the Centre for Policy Alternatives were released as part of the 2014 Alternative Federal Budget. The Alternative Federal Budget moves away from the idea that a balanced budget is the ultimate goal of the Federal Government. Instead, they attempt to use this document to demonstrate an alternative that would be possible if the focus was to challenge some of the larger scale inequalities that are current realities in Canada. This document presents such novel ideas as infrastructure investment, and investment in youth programming over tax cuts.

 We could lift 855,000 Canadians out of poverty

If the federal government shifted all of its power into addressing unequal social conditions, what are some of the things that could happen? The Centre for Policy Alternatives argues that we could we create 811,000 jobs in 3 years, implement universal childcare and reduce children and seniors poverty rates. Bold thinking is required to address rising inequality, poverty and affordable housing shortages.

We could reduce senior poverty by 46% 

These infographics, and the Alternative Federal Budget, reinforces the idea that social conditions related to poverty, unemployment and even affordable housing are not necessary. It is important that all of us continue to discuss some of the policies and ideas of income distribution that have become ‘common sense’. A failure to act on the needs of the most vulnerable in Canada is still a policy decision.