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This month, our featured training is Introducing Youth Reconnect. The training provides an introduction to the Youth Reconnect (YR) program model — an early intervention approach to preventing youth homelessness. This course will benefit youth workers who are interested in working more upstream. YR will also interest youth-serving agencies looking to increase collaboration and partnership with the education sector to help youth stay connected to family, school and the community.

What is Youth Reconnect?

Youth Reconnect is a community-based program for young people and their families that works in close partnership with schools. The goal of YR programs is to keep young people in place and stabilize their living situation. YR staff support youth and families to access resources and address issues before relationships break down or youth leave. YR offers flexible supports to repair and strengthen family relationships and enhance school engagement.

YR emphasizes partnerships with schools because that is where problems often show up first. Teachers and other school staff often notice early signs that young people are struggling. YR strives to reach youth early and intervene to address issues before they become more difficult to manage.

Who do youth turn to for support?

What does the training include?

This self-paced, online training includes:

• 3 Modules

• 4 Case scenarios

• Program spotlight

• Final quiz

• Certificate of completion

The training takes about 3 hours to complete and includes hands-on activities, scenarios and real-world examples. Lessons are enhanced with videos, supplemental resources, opportunities for reflection and quizzes. At the end you will receive a certificate of completion. 

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