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StepStones for Youth - Safe at Home Program: MtS Youth Homelessness Prevention Awards Winner

The Safe at Home program developed by StepStones for Youth in Toronto, Ontario was recently selected as one of the winners of the second annual Making the Shift Youth Homelessness Prevention Awards. 

We spoke with Heather O'Keefe, Executive Director of StepStones for Youth, to learn more about the initiative, why it was designed, how it fills the gaps in preventing youth homelessness, and much more. 


Learning from Youth with Lived Experience to Realize Homelessness Prevention in Schools: Learnings from Tio’tiá:ke/Montréal

While schools can be a powerful site of homelessness prevention, they are also a potential site of harm for many young people, particularly youth with disabilities and mental health struggles, youth from poverty, Indigenous youth, Black youth, and youth navigating homophobia and transphobia. However, youth see schools as an important site where homelessness prevention can happen.


Transforming Relationships and Systems through The Victoria Declaration

Overview: The Home in the City Project

There are diverse understandings and complex power relations within governance relationships. This is demonstrated through the intersectional communities formed among individuals accessing housing services, providing services, and advocating for services. The relationships that hold these communities together are impacted by formal and informal decisions about how we respond to community issues – this is what we call governance.


Working Towards New Frontiers in Prevention Policy: The Quebec Homelessness Prevention Policy Collaborative (Q-HPPC)

In Quebec, homelessness has become a significant social issue. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the homelessness sector saw a surge in the number of people seeking our services. According to the 2015 and 2018 point-in-time counts, homelessness was already on the rise in Quebec before the onset of the pandemic and most people in the sector believe it has further increased since then.