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How to Improve Participant Retention in Community-Based Housing Work

During longitudinal studies, it is common for researchers to worry about losing participants. The longer a trial goes on, the more that risk increases and it becomes difficult to retain participants. Regarding participant retention in Canada, there is a lot of research available on clinical and health interventions, however, there is less focus on retention in community-based housing work. 


What is Reflective Practice? Some Lessons for Researchers and Practitioners in the Homelessness Sector during COVID-19

The gap between research and practice has persisted for too long. Evidence-based research should be accessible, practically relevant, and inform policies. This is particularly important in the COVID-19 pandemic era, as there is not much research that can guide practice. In the homelessness sector, the pandemic has created many barriers, challenges, and uncertainties for service providers. 


How to Use Do-It-Yourself Publishing to Build Community Knowledge Around Homelessness

In 2022, the Research for Social Change Lab’s (RSCL) Building from Experience research team began a project with the goal of increasing local understanding of the systems that house and shelter people experiencing homelessness in the city of Peterborough, Ontario.

This work is ongoing, but we shared our initial findings with our community in the form of a zine called “Get In Line” in the summer of 2022. 


Making Housing Accessible: The Potential of House-Sharing

Canada’s rental housing affordability crisis is at an all-time high, with rents rising at an unprecedented pace. In many communities across the country, the current housing stock is not matching the needs of rental applicants. 

This blog explores the house-sharing model and how it could be a solution to providing affordable rental housing for low-income individuals and individuals who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness in Canada. 


Pitching Shelter from Isolation: Maria’s Journey Out of Homelessness as an Older Woman

This blog captures the story of Maria, who is a peer support worker with lived experience of homelessness. Her story highlights both the unique vulnerabilities and strengths of older women who have been frequently overlooked by housing service providers and policymakers.

Maria’s Experience of Homelessness:

Maria uses the analogy of a baseball game to share her story of exiting homelessness against all odds.