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Reflecting on Black Youth Homelessness

I have always viewed Black History Month as both a time to take stock of Black communities’ collective struggles for visibility as well as to celebrate their contributions to the advancement of Canada. However, the prevalence of homelessness among Black youth suggests that there is still work to be done. At the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH), we believe that to address homelessness, we must understand the roots of racial disparities and take meaningful action to reverse structural inequities.


Pathways into Youth Homelessness

What do we know about how young people become homeless? While the answer to this question may sound simple, in reality, it’s very complex. This blog aims to explore the root causes of youth homelessness based on past and emerging research.  


COVID-19: The Beginning of the End of Homelessness

COVID-19 has made the gaps in the systems that serve people experiencing homelessness more visible. It has also resulted in an increased number of people sheltering-in-place in parks and other public places. In B.C.’s capital, the provincial government responded by making investments that expanded resources which spurred a new level of cooperation between BC Housing and the regional health authority.