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A creative housing model for women experiencing homelessness

Creating Home Together is a project led by Sistering with organizations across Canada. Together, we created a new housing development process that addresses the unique needs of women (cis and trans) and gender-diverse people experiencing homelessness with the goal of improving their lives. 


We had several long-term and short-term goals that kept us on track throughout this project. The main goal is the desire to create more inclusive, affordable, and suitable housing opportunities for women and gender-diverse people in Canada.


The Connection Between Homelessness and Environmental Racism in Canada

It should come as no surprise that a person’s racial and ethnic identity affects their lived experiences in various ways, including shaping their socioeconomic, health, and safety outcomes. In major Canadian metropolitan centers like Toronto and Vancouver, this is evident in the overrepresentation of racialized individuals within the cities’ homeless populations. However, the relationship between homelessness and environmental racism in Canada is less obvious. 


How Shelters Can Become Safer and More Welcoming to the Transgender Community

Manitoba shelters are failing to meet the needs of transgender people. Many transgender people experiencing homelessness face barriers, discrimination, and stigma when accessing shelters or transitional housing programs. However, we believe that there are strategies that could help make transgender people experiencing homelessness feel safer and more comfortable when accessing shelters throughout the province.