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What's happening with affordable housing in Toronto?

This question was asked anonymously via our latest website survey: “What are the latest policy developments on housing in Toronto and GTA? Any signs of improvements on affordable housing and supportive housing?”


Do homelessness services need to be culturally relevant?

The following question came from Natalie D. via our latest website survey: “What is the effectiveness of non-Indigenous organizations in meaningfully supporting Indigenous people? Is there a need for the homelessness sector to support the development and delivery of programs that are culturally relevant?”


What are the housing needs of people with mobility issues?

This question came from Jose S. via our latest website survey.

Mobility issues often fall under the umbrella of physical disability, so before I answer this question, I’ll define disability and explore how it relates to homelessness.


How can we talk to young children about homelessness?

Homelessness can be tough to discuss with children because it can lead to conversations about many other complex topics, but it is possible. How we talk to children about homelessness depends on their age and how they best learn, as well as the discussion context (home with family or caregivers; or at school with teachers).


How does a lack of ID impact housing?

This question came from Rae T. via our latest website survey.

Think of how painful bureaucratic processes are in your day-to day: filling out forms, constantly proving who you are, making sure you have the right papers and cards, paying fees, and so on. For some of us, it might be easy – we’re used to it. For others, it takes a high level of ability, patience and organization to not just give up on whatever identification (ID) they’re trying to get.