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Will the federal Liberals keep their affordable housing promises?

We’ve received a number of questions about the new federal government and the promises made during the 2015 election. The first I’ll address comes from Jeannette S.: “Will the new liberal government continue with the current provincial and federal agreements regarding rental subsidies and supplements?  Especially for seniors.”


What are "out of the cold" shelters and why do they exist?

 This question came from Jo A. via our latest website survey: “I would like more information on out of the cold sheltering. How many are there, how are they funded, and how long do they stay open for? What gaps do they fill in the shelter system? Why do they exist? Why do some choose this type of sheltering instead of regular hostel settings?”


How do social worker choices affect youth aging out of care?

This question came from Gaynor H. via our latest website survey: “How do choices made by social workers affect youth aging out of care and their risk of experiencing homelessness; and what influences support for programs like support and financial agreements (SFAs)?”

Given the unfortunate relationship between foster care and youth homelessness, these are important questions.


Is the Basic Needs Allowance helping or hindering youth?

This question came from Justin S. via our latest website survey: Homeless youth now receive the Basic Needs Allowance of Ontario Works ($250/month), where as previously youth would receive Personal Needs Allowance ($30/week). This appears to have resulted in a decrease in participation in programming activities (life skills, employment, etc.) as young people report not needing to participate in programs for income. Is receiving the Basic Needs Allowance helping or hindering young people moving out of the homelessness experience?