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How can we best address NIMBYism regarding homeless shelters?

“I’m looking for resources to help put together an effective communications plan to manage NIMBY if we were to move our housing services into a new neighbourhood. I was wondering if the Homeless Hub had any resources that might be helpful to look at with this objective in mind?” 

This question came from Misha via email.


What makes effective supportive housing?

What makes effective supportive housing, particularly for persons experiencing homelessness who have chronic mental and physical health issues?

This question came from Ryan N. via our latest website survey.


What are the top priorities of people working in homelessness?

According to Oxfam, poverty and homelessness are worldwide concerns. Results from a poll of 24,000 people over 24 countries showed the two issues are top-tier concerns for people in 15 countries (including Canada). On average, more than 80% of respondents in those countries stated poverty and homelessness were at least “somewhat serious.”


What are the statistics on homelessness due to divorce?

This question came from Joy via our latest website survey. Though she specifically asked about divorce, I’ll respond with information on general relationship breakdown as well, as not all people are legally married.

Oh, how I wish I could just give you statistics. Due to the complicated nature of homelessness and inaccurate population counts, we don’t have solid numbers on how divorce and relationship/family breakdown contribute to homelessness.