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Ask the Hub - Why should cities count homeless people?

Today's featured question is: Why should cities count homeless people?

A decade ago I was the poster child against counting homeless people. When the City of Toronto first proposed its Point in Time (PiT) count I was working at the Church of the Holy Trinity and was on the Steering Committee of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. I actively fought the implementation of these counts feeling like they wouldn’t be accurate and would further marginalize people experiencing homelessness and likely lead to a reduction in funding.


Aboriginal Homelessness

Last week I was fortunate to be part of two different events related to Aboriginal Homelessness. The first, hosted by the Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council, brought together researchers, front-line service providers and community members to discuss housing and homelessness needs of Aboriginal communities. The second, hosted by the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, was a two-day event in Calgary, AB with researchers, local community agencies and national Aboriginal service organizations.


Ask the Hub - What is World Homeless Day?

The Homeless Hub was talking about World Homeless Day this week. I haven’t heard of this before. What is it?

Ree Lanoue 
Mandeville, Louisiana

Thanks for your question Ree. I hadn’t heard of it either until this week. World Homeless Day started on October 10th, 2010 and has been recognized annually on 10/10.


Ask the Hub - How should we respond/react to the August 16th arrests of Professor John Greyson and Dr.Tarek Loubani in Egypt?

Today’s Ask the Hub is a little bit different. Rather than responding to a question that we receive from you, the readers, I’m answering one that has been on the minds of many of us here at York University and in academia across the country. "How should we respond/react to the August 16th arrests of Professor John Greyson and Dr. Tarek Loubani in Egypt?