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Preventing Hepatitis through Harm Reduction

This week’s infographic, created by World Hepatitis Day, takes a look at using harm reduction as a tool to reduce the spread of hepatitis. Hepatitis is a disease characterized by the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver. While it is possible for hepatitis to occur with limited, and even no symptoms, hepatitis often leads to other diseases (ex: jaundice).


Infographic: View on housing & homelessness in Kingston & Frontenac County

The below infographic, published by the City of Kingston in Ontario, draws figures from a survey on housing and homelessness in Kingston and Frontenac County. It has been estimated that 400 individuals are homeless in Kingston and Frontenac County. The infographic looks at perceptions that survey respondents have about individuals living in homelessness, as well as awareness of measures being taken to address homelessness.


Infographic: Adverse Childhood Experiences

The health and well-being of children is strongly related to the environmental conditions that they grow up in. A growing body of research has found strong links between adverse childhood experiences and long-term negative effects on children across the lifespan. The term adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is used to refer to potentially traumatic events that can have lasting negative effects on health and well-being.