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Infographic: Education and Poverty

Children living in poverty have few of the resources and supports that many of us take for granted. Research has regularly demonstrated that youth living in poverty tend to have poorer educational outcomes than their wealthier counterparts. Why might this be? The below infographic, published by TVO as part of their Why Poverty? series, talks about the relationship between education and poverty in Canada.


Infographic: LGBTQ Supports

Canada's LGBTQ youth experience a great deal of exclusion and discrimination which can lead a young person to homelessness, addictions and even suicide. The infographic below, created by the Government of Alberta, looks into the adversity the LGBTQ community experiences.


Infographic: Focus on Violence Against Women and Girls

While there has been progress in the women’s movement, there remains a devastating gap between how men and women are treated. Women and young girls continue to be subjected to a devastatingly high amounts of violence. The movement for women's rights is international in its scope. This year, United Nations Secretary-General’s Campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women invites individuals to “Orange” their neighbourhood.