Evaluation: HireUp

Hub Solutions was contracted by HireUp to help construct their program theory, develop their program logic model and to evaluate the overall effectiveness of their program. HireUp is an online employment platform developed to connect individuals facing barriers to hiring with meaningful work opportunities. The program partners with Service Organizations (SOs) to find job seekers and received funding from the Government of Canada’s Innovative Solutions to Homelessness (ISH) grant.

The main evaluation questions were:

  • What is the program theory for HireUp?
  • How effective is HireUp in providing employment opportunities for homeless and/or at-risk youth?
  • What are HireUp’s strengths?
  • How can HireUp be improved?

The method

The evaluation included six main components:

  1. Fine-tuning of the program logic model.
  2. Creation of a framework to assess and measure outcomes.
  3. Interviews with 2 HireUp staff members.
  4. Interviews with 9 young people who have used HireUp.
  5. Surveys with 32 young people who have used HireUp.
  6. A secondary analysis of 11 interviews conducted with representatives from YSO agencies that have partnered with HireUp.