Evaluation: Host Homes

Hub Solutions was contracted by Raising the Roof to serve as a third-party evaluator for their project on Bridging the Gap’s Host Homes program. In this capacity, Hub Solutions assessed the program’s theory and outcomes. The Host Homes model is designed as an alternative to shelter and transitional housing services for young people either currently experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The project received funding from the Government of Canada’s Innovative Solutions to Homelessness (ISH) grant.

The main evaluation questions were:

  • What is the program theory of Bridging the Gap’s Host Homes program?
  • What are the contextual factors that may impact implementation of the Host Homes program?
  • What are the outcomes of young people who participate in the Host Homes program?
  • What are the Host Homes program’s strengths?
  • How can the Host Homes program be improved?


The method

The evaluation included five main components:

  • Creation of the program theory and establishment of a program logic model
  • Interviews with key informants to identify contextual factors impacting program delivery
  • Determining program outcomes
  • An assessment of program strengths
  • Determining Host Homes program improvement areas