Home Safe Teacher Resource Package

  • GRADES: Grade 10 Civics, Grade 10 History, Grade 11-12 Food and Nutrition,Grade 11 World Issues, Grade 12 Challenge and Change, ESLE (Social Justice unit)
  • To be used in conjunction with Home Safe DVD collection
  • Includes lesson ideas
  • Includes reflection questions (Assessment as Learning)
  • Text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world based questions and connections

A classroom resource for exploring issues of poverty, homelessness, and food security facing children, youth and families. Created by the Ontario Family Studies Leadership Council in partnership with SkyWorks Charitable Foundation.

The Home Safe Teacher Resource Package includes all three documentary films that comprise the SkyWorks Home Safe Series (Home Safe Calgary, Home Safe Toronto, and Home Safe Hamilton), together with a Teacher Resource Guide created by the Ontario Family Studies Leadership Council.

The Home Safe documentaries include stories of families from diverse communities and backgrounds, all of whom have struggled with economic insecurity and lack of access to affordable housing. Youth, children, and parents speak candidly about their experiences of homelessness, food insecurity, job insecurity, their worries about the future, and the supports that are needed to help families living with poverty and inadequate housing. Home Safe challenges stereotypes about homelessness, and asks us to think about the larger reasons why more and more families are struggling to afford necessities like shelter and food. The issues presented are applicable to communities across Canada.

The Home Safe Teacher Resource Guide includes a chapter breakdown of each film, plus three themed learning packages, on food, economics, and relationships. Each learning package contains lessons which can be used in series or independently as the teacher deems appropriate. All masters, assessment tools and resource lists have been provided.

The Teacher Resource Guide is included on CD ROM with the Home Safe Teacher Resource Package. A PDF file of the guide is available for free download by clicking the link below.

To purchase the Home Safe Teacher Resource Package, including the three films on DVD and the Teacher Resource Guide on CD, contact Vtape or call 416.351.1317. 

Click here to download a PDF file of the Home Safe Teacher Resource Guide
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