Integrating Homelessness Into Civics Classes

  • GRADES: Grade 10 Civics, Grade 10 History (Present),ESL-D/E (Social Justice/Human Rights)
    • *could also be integrated into Grade 5 Language Arts with the exemplair of the grade 5 poem and connection to Canada (Social Studies) unit
  • Key Terms and Minds-On Questions
  • Includes full unit plan (and lesson plan ideas)
  • Checkbricks for Assessments As/For Learning
  • Integration of multimedia
  • Text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world based questions and connections

This unit is intended for teachers of Grade 9/10 History and/or Civics/Citizenship learners. The activities described here have been developed based on curriculum expectations for Intermediate students from various provincial education ministry/departments across Canada. The common element of most provincial curriculum expectations is: the development of learners as Informed, Purposeful, and Active citizens. The teaching/learning strategies included here can be used individually, but also sequentially to develop skills that learners demonstrate in a summatively assessed culminating activity: the Homelessness Awareness Media Campaign. All teaching/learning strategies included herein, can be formatively and/or summatively assessed to prepare learners for the culminating activity.

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