Communications 101

At Hub Solutions, we believe that it is important for research to be accessible to those who benefit most from it, and we see communication and design as the way to do it. How are we so sure? We’ve operated the Homeless Hub for over ten years. In that time, and with your support, we have seen up to a 30% increase in visitors year-over-year. We’ve learned a lot — we want to share that learning (and reach) with you.

How do you do it?

We use a process of creative problem solving called “design-thinking.” Rather than viewing the research process (conceiving, conducting, analyzing, writing) as being separate and distinct from design, publication and distribution, we see these different aspects of research production as integrated and continuous. In other words, we take an interdisciplinary approach to sharing knowledge and encouraging collaboration.

You can too!

There are free resources available online, including those on the Homeless Hub, to support your communication needs.

But, if these resources don’t get you far enough, contact us. We’re excited to provide input and direction, or to discuss how our services can meet your objectives.