Evaluation 101

Hub Solutions supports communities with their evaluation activities. Evaluation is an essential part of the success of any program or policy and is one of the pillars of innovation. This is why evaluation is central to our work at Hub Solutions.

Evaluation can be an intimidating process, but we’re here to help.

First things first, what is evaluation?

Many definitions exist, but we’re partial to the definition provided by the Canadian Evaluation Society:

“Evaluation is the systematic assessment of the design, implementation or results of an initiative for the purposes of learning or decision-making.”

Essentially, evaluation helps services understand how their programs, policies and systems operate, what elements work well and less well, the impacts on clients, and recommendations for improvement.

Where do I start?

We are in the process of creating free tools, templates, and videos to guide you through the evaluation process. In the meantime, we suggest checking out these resources:

Need more?

Drop a line to our Director of Research & Evaluation, Dr. John Ecker at jecker@edu.yorku.ca.