Meet our Team

The Hub Solutions team is fully embedded within the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. The team assigned to you will depend on your project needs and objectives. Rest assured, partners of Hub Solutions will benefit from the immense knowledge and experience of the entire COH staff and management.


Team Leads

John Ecker

Director of Research & Evaluation

John provides research and evaluation support to communities across Canada. His research and evaluation interests are many, but he primarily focuses on homelessness, Housing First, community integration, and LGBTQ2S studies.

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Steph Vasko

Director of Communications

Steph Vasko leads the team responsible for designing and disseminating the COH’s publications and communications materials through the Homeless Hub website, the world’s largest library of homelessness research.

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Allyson Marsolais

Co-Founder & VP

On the day-to-day, Hub Solutions is managed by Allyson Marsolais, Chief Operating Officer of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. 

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