“Housing First Saved My Life” Year 1 Housing First Report

In April 2014 United Way contracted Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service to deliver a Housing First program in Saskatoon. The program focuses on Saskatoon’s most vulnerable citizens and those that have been chronically homeless. This Housing First program is based on the international Housing First model that believes in moving people directly from homelessness into housing without any barriers. As more Housing First programs and initiatives are happening in our community, United Way has decided to name their program in order to differentiate. United Way of Saskatoon and Area recently named their Housing First program Journey Home to distinguish it from other important Housing First initiatives happening in Saskatoon. This title reflects the program’s purpose which is to give people who have been chronically homeless the opportunity to have a place to call home while guiding them through their journey to stability.

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada