11th Report Card on Homelessness for Nelson BC

The 11thAnnual Report Card on Homelessness for Nelson (JUNE 2019) will help the reader to understand the causes and experiences of homelessness in Nelson. It will explain what organizations and individual members of the Nelson Committee on Homelessness (NCOH) are doing in our community to develop long-term solutions through community partnerships. It is designed to both encourage questions and inform solutions.

This report will:

  • HIGHLIGHT the importance of affordable and supportive housing in the continuum of options needed to address homelessness—and their benefits to our community

  • FEATURE the work of NCOH participants in the community, and the comprehensive approach being taken, including a NEW DIRECTION: REACHING HOME to develop more coordinated access, assessments and community-level service coordination and data sharing to better assess and report outcomes

  • REPORT on community indicators and trends that impact poverty and homelessness.

Publication Date: