25. Listen Up! The Role of Dignity, Respect and Inclusion in our Response to Homelessness

We need to not only bear witness to the words of people who have experienced homelessness but also act against cultural indifference. We need to listen and learn about the endurance needed while contending with the violence of the system…the deaths—or more accurately—murders. As ex-homeless/academic I have to think that there needs to be an audience for these words so that i/we/you can work against the indifference that perpetuates homelessness. We keep trying in different ways to get the message across, the same message, because we know the solutions. This is why we are presenting narrative truths –truths that are witness to the politics of poverty, the industry of homelessness, the lack of housing and so on as evidence of suffering which at the same time must be seen as a refusal of indifference. People need to listen and learn. 

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