9. Policy into Practice: How Government Can Play a Role in Supporting LGBTQ2S Youth

There are many ways to think about what policy can and should achieve, and what its role should be in furthering public interests at the government, community and institutional levels. If the goals of good public policy include justice, the defence of human rights, and the enhancement of inclusion, respect and well-being for individuals and communities, a question to be asked is how does—or, more importantly, how should—policy address the needs and interests of LGBTQ2S youth, in particular those who are at-risk of or experiencing homelessness? In this chapter, the author will explore the relationship between homophobia and transphobia, and the experience of youth homelessness, and provide a way of thinking about how sound public policy may enhance the inclusion and well-being of all young people, especially LGBTQ2S youth. 

Alex Abramovich
Jama Shelton
Publication Date: 
Canadian Observatory on Homelessness