Angiraqangittuliriniq: A Framework for Action for Nunavut's Absolute Homeless

Homelessness in Nunavut is a widespread issue affecting the lives of many people across the territory. There are individuals and families within our communities who are without a safe place to sleep, who lack stability and security and who struggle from day to day just to survive. The limited number of emergency shelters and access to services designed to assist homeless Nunavummiut means that many individuals are taken in by friends or family, resulting in overcrowded homes. Others have no place to go and are forced to seek shelter in places not meant to be housing and to endure the extreme climate and harsh conditions of our environment.

Homelessness is a complex issue, often compounded by factors such as mental illness, addiction, family violence, or loss of employment. A coordinated system of care consisting of a range of support services is needed to assist homeless Nunavummiut as they work towards transitioning into stable housing. Currently, accessing and navigating the existing network of services is difficult.

Additionally, the absence of a complete range of housing options prevents some individuals from accessing the housing best suited to their needs. There is no transitional housing, which serves as a bridge between emergency shelters and stable housing, and a lack of supportive housing, which meets the needs of those who are unable to live independently. Furthermore, the shortage of affordable, suitable housing options makes it difficult for many individuals to find stable housing, leaving them trapped in the state of homelessness.

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