Baseline Consumer Narratives of Lived Experience of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s At Home/Chez Soi Project: Vancouver Report

This report examines the key themes that emerged from “personal story” interviews conducted with 52 participants within one month of their enrollment in the Vancouver At Home Study. Criteria for inclusion in the Vancouver At Home Study include homelessness and mental illness, with randomization to one of five intervention arms (total n=490). Ten participants were randomly and purposively sampled from each study arm. The interview followed a semi-structured format and covered pathways into homelessness, life on the streets, experiences with mental illness and related services, and key life events. Transcripts were analyzed line‐by‐line using a general thematic coding strategy. Key themes are reported based on the topic headings and key questions from the interview guide.

Baseline Personal Story Interviews from the Vancouver At Home Study
Executive Summary
Three Page Summary

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Vancouver, BC, Canada