Best Practice Guideline for Ending Women’s and Girl’s Homelessness

This guideline was designed to synthesize existing literature in an effort to develop best practices for ending women’s and girl’s homelessness. Women, girls, and their children are experiencing homelessness at alarming rates, however this global issue remains largely concealed as the majority of women and girls experiencing homelessness are among those deemed the ‘hidden homeless'.

Ultimately, housing and service provision must be individualized to the unique needs of women and girls. This is necessary, as women often experience multiple compounding and intersecting issues, which contribute to their pathway into homelessness, and likewise the barriers they face in exiting it. Recognizing which issues are in the foreground for women and girls can assist providers in connecting them to the appropriate services and housing. In addition, understanding which issues are in the background can aid providers in supporting women and girls through the transitional stages of exiting homelessness. Acknowledging that women occupy multiple social locations simultaneously, different components of this guideline can be used accordingly in reference to how women and girls identify themselves or their priority concerns.

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