Better Than Cure? The Role of Homelessness Prevention - Winter 2013

Homelessness can be a traumatic experience that has a significant negative impact on individuals’ self-esteem, physical and mental health, wellbeing and support networks. Many approaches to ending homelessness focus on helping people get out of the situation once they become homeless. However, some approaches looks to preventing homelessness occurring in the first place, or avoiding a worsening in a homeless person’s situation.



Preventing Homelessness: The Example of Odense Municipality
Tom Rønning

An Integrated, ‘Psychologically Informed’ Partnership Approach to Homelessness Prevention
Lindsay Stronge and Dr EmmaWilliamson

Assessing Homelessness Prevention: New York City’s Homebase Program
Stephen Metraux

Prevention of Evictions by Social Housing Organisations in the Netherlands
Nathalie Boerebach

Housing, a Key to Reintegration After Custody
Andreas Aresti, Neil Cornish and Kimmett Edgar

Leaving the Relationship but Not the Home: Enabling Women and Children Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence to Remain in Their Homes
Dr Angela Spinney

Challenges to Overcome When Leaving Care: the Case of Romania
Sabina Nicolae

“Protected Hospital Discharge”: For Anyone Leaving Hospital Without a Home to Go To
Monica Brandoli and Dr Maria Cristina Cocchi

Publication Date: 
Winter 2013