Blink's Garden: Educating Children about Homelessness and Poverty

Blink's Garden is a musical produced by Siloam Mission in Winnipeg to help students better understand the root causes of homelessness and poverty.

Blink’s Garden began as a short parable, told in schools by Siloam Mission’s community educator John Janzen, about “seeing beauty where others can’t see.” It grew into a 77 stanza “epic kid’s poem” that was adapted into a stage play. Through cooperation with community groups like the Louis Riel School Division and Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, the play was performed at the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, as well as in countless schools all over Manitoba. 

Now Siloam Mission, in cooperation with Just TV and the Broadway Neighborhood Centre, presents the story along with songs and illustration for young learners everywhere. Listen and sing along to the story of Blink and Moeh and their quest to find a way to get past the wall - and see what it means when we say “things starts to change when you connect your life with someone who is not like you.” Listen to the album on Bandcamp, below. 

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