The blueprint to end homelessness in Toronto 1998-2006

Builders use a detailed blueprint to guide them from a good idea to a finished structure. That’s the idea behind the Blueprint to End Homelessness in Toronto.Our blueprint starts with the foundation of more than 30 years of detailed research and reports on housing and homelessness in Toronto by governments, academics and community groups. It is a rich accumulation of material that has been largely shelved and ignored to date. The blueprint also adds social and economic data, plus the experiences from urban areas around the world. All of these resources are infused with expert advice from key partners in the community, government and the private sector, including the homeless themselves.

The Blueprint to End Homelessness in Toronto doesn’t aim to create a better plan, it is focused on outcomes: more affordable housing, less homelessness, and stronger and healthier communities. The blueprint has several key sections:

  •  creating more affordable homes;
  •  improving the quality of existing housing;
  •  providing support services for those who need special help;
  •  ensuring affordability; and,
  •  emergency relief for those on the streets.

The blueprint and the detailed policy framework offer more than 100 pages of information including:

  •  current data on housing and homelessness in Toronto;
  •  a review of Toronto’s housing history going back to 1918; and,
  •  a ward-by-ward review of housing, homelessness and poverty.
Publication Date: 
Toronto, ON, Canada