Building Community: The Story of Supportive Housing for Young Mothers (SHYM)

The research objectives of this project were to explore the experiences of tenants at SHYM in terms of the trajectory to being homeless and housed, the experience of being homeless and housed, and the experience of SHYM - on hopes, sense of self, health and social needs (of whom and when); to inform other non-profits of the strengths/limitations in developing supportive models for young mothers; to inform government and community stakeholders regarding the sustainability and effectiveness of various models; and to advance the knowledge of community development practice. The study was guided by the following core questions: What is the pathway through which young mothers become homeless and housed? How are young mothers experiencing SHYM? What are the strengths and limitations of this housing structure for young mothers? How do these young mothers understand themselves (their hopes, sense of self, health and social needs) in relation to supportive housing? How did SHYM evolve into its current housing form and what supports are needed to ensure that it is sustained and effective?

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