Calgary Immigration Data, Summer 2019

A scan of the research to find local data on immigrants and immigration was undertaken in the summer of 2019 to provide an evidence base for future communications made by CLIP, the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership. Since the findings may be used for different purposes, where data was available for both the Census Subdivision (CSD), for the city of Calgary proper, and the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), which includes the larger catchment area around the city, data for both are provided. Where local data is not available, some relevant provincial data is provided.

Part 1 of the report presents administrative data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) available as open data from the IRCC iCARE database. It includes data on annual settlement service provision, the number of clients who are Syrian refugees or resettled refugees, as well as data on permanent residents and refugees. Other administrative data from IRCC that is not included in the iCARE database is also provided on express entry candidates and temporary residents who are permit holders.

Part 2 provides a variety of facts about immigrants in Calgary related to labour force participation, income, unemployment, and underemployment. It also includes provincial data related to caseloads for Income Support and Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), compared to the number of immigrant taxfilers receiving social assistance in Calgary from all federal or provincial sources. This section also presents information on immigrants living in social housing in Calgary, as well as immigrants experiencing homelessness. Finally, data are provided on immigrant entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

Publication Date: 
Calgary Local Immigration Partnership
Calgary, AB