Chronic Physical and Mental Health Conditions Among Adults may Increase Vulnerability to Household Food Insecurity

Drawing on data from a large cross-sectional population health survey, we examine the relationship between adults' chronic disease status and the prevalence and severity of household food insecurity in Canada. We build on prior analyses of food insecurity/health relationships by designing our analyses to predict household food insecurity from health (rather than vice versa), considering multiple physician-diagnosed conditions (rather than a single condition) and comorbidity among adults, taking into account the full spectrum of sociodemographic variables identified to relate to household food insecurity in Canada, and examining effects on both the presence and severity of household food insecurity. Specifically, the objectives of this study were to examine: 1) how the presence of an adult with one or more chronic physical or mental health conditions affects the odds of a household being food insecure, independent of socio-demographic predictors of food insecurity; and 2) how the chronic ill-health of an adult member within a food-insecure household affects the severity of that household's food insecurity, independent of household sociodemographic characteristics.

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The Journal of Nutrition