City of Toronto Homelessness Partnership Initiative Community Plan 2007-2009

The federal government has been providing funds to help communities address homelessness since 2000, first under the Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative (SCPI) and, as of April 2007, through the Homelessness Partnership Initiative (HPI). The programs have been well received across the country, because resources are always welcome but more importantly, because these programs have allowed communities to assess their needs and develop their own priorities. The program, while focused on alleviating homelessness, is very flexible in the range of activities that could be funded. We welcome the new HPI program and the funds allocated to the City of Toronto. This document outlines how we will invest those funds to March 2009. But, the need for an ongoing sustained funding source is critical to maintain the momentum and achievements of the past 6 years.

Publication Date: 
Toronto, ON, Canada