Coding Manual for Barriers and Solutions to Employment for Homeless Young People

This technical report presents a coding manual for analyzing a body of material related to the barriers and solutions to employment for homeless young people. The coding manual, which shows good inter-rater reliability, consists of two major codes, namely “Barrier,” and “Solution,” along with 28 sub-codes. Sub-codes within “Barrier” include “Lacks related to the individual,” “Employer-related,” “Societal-related,” and “Technology-related.” Under “Lacks related to the individual” are 12 sub-codes including lack of “Non-stigmatizing address,” lack of “Government-issued ID,” and lack of “Encouraging Experiences.” Within “Solution” there are 12 sub-codes including “Resources,” “Networking,” and “Youth-based priority.” In addition to the coding manual, the technical report also includes a summary of its development and measures of its reliability.

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