Colour of Poverty Fact Sheets

Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change (COP-COC) is a campaign made up of individuals and organizations working to build community-based capacity to address the growing racialization of poverty and the resulting increased levels of social exclusion and marginalization of racialized communities (both Indigenous Peoples and peoples of colour) across Ontario. COP-COC works to build concrete strategies, develop tools, and build community-based capacity through which individuals, groups and organizations work together to address the growing structural ethno-racial inequalities across Ontario and Canada.

COP-COC formally came together in 2007 to raise public awareness around issues concerning and affecting communities of colour - understanding that in order to best bring about racial equality in Canadian society the work needed to be done in full relationship and solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. In September, 2007, the network launched the hugely successful Colour of Poverty Campaign to highlight the growing racialization of poverty in Ontario. In the ongoing effort to make the facts about racialized poverty more accessible to individuals and organizations, we produce this comprehensive set of updated Fact Sheets.

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