Costs and Utilization in the Housing Choice Voucher Program: Draft Final Report

This report provides insights into the factors that affect Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program utilization rates and costs in a sample of sites nationwide. The data for this study was derived from existing computerized HUD files, other secondary data sources, and primary data collected on site at a sample of 48 Public Housing Authorities (PHAs). According to the authors, the bulk of the information was gathered during on-site interviews with voucher program staff as part of a one-to-two-day visit made to each of the study sites between December 2001 and April 2002. Aspects of each PHA's local housing market, participant characteristics and PHA policies are discussed, in an effort to assess their impacts on subsidy costs and voucher utilization. This report provides HUD with information to support program decision-making and helps identify areas for technical assistance that can improve utilization rates and assist PHAs in using their increased flexibility to optimize lead programs. (Authors)

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