Cyber Behavior of Homeless Adolescents and Adults

A common stereotype is that persons experiencing homelessness have no access to digital and Information Technology. Even if they could obtain access, they would not have the skills necessary to use it. In this entry, the authors examine the scientific literature focused on the Internet use of persons experiencing homelessness. Both homeless adolescents and adults use the Internet at public libraries, social service agencies, and via mobile phone. They use the Internet to obtain employment and housing, seek services, remain socially connected, and have fun. The Internet has enormous potential as a tool to improve the lives of persons experiencing homelessness in terms of social support, advocacy, connection to and rating of services, online education, online intervention scheduling, and online intervention delivery. This field is new, and its development should prove both exciting and vital for the assessment, research, and intervention of persons experiencing homelessness.

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Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior