David: guidance, support and “strong will” helped him succeed

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could cope with the challenges that David has faced in his short life.  Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, he was just ten years old when his mother died. His father, an alcoholic, died just eight years later. His three siblings had already left home and were involved in the drug culture.  Epilepsy and learning disabilities further complicated David’s life. At 18, he felt alone and vulnerable.

Then a friend told David about the Transitional Housing Program operated by Moncton Youth Residences. A Raising the Roof partner agency, Moncton Youth Residences Inc., offers guidance and support to young people like David, who need help to make positive choices and gain more control over their future.  

During the year he lived there, David learned important life skills, began to take responsibility for his health and education and developed friendships. “One of my proudest moments was graduating high school,” he says.  He also gained the confidence to attend community college for a year, graduating with carpentry skills.

Today, David lives in his own place and works at a movie theatre. His epilepsy is under control and he keeps fit by biking and walking to work. He’s exploring wood working possibilities for the future, but right now he is happy that he has come so far. “I’m strong willed and a positive thinker,” he says and then pauses. “My mom was like that.”

"I’m strong willed and a positive thinker...My mom was like that."

 *not his real name

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