Eighth Report Card on Ending Homelessness in Ottawa, Jan-Dec 2011

“The first ever “A” ever was awarded for new affordable housing in the 2011. The total for 2011 was 739 comprised of 203 newly created units and 536 households helped with rent. The Alliance to End Homelessness (ATEH) gives an “A” when new affordable housing is provided for between 700-1,000 households, either through the building of new units or help with rent.

The City of Ottawa is to be commended for quickly rolling out in 2011 its additional $14 million for the Housing and Homelessness Investment Plan. Part of that City spending accounted for 508 of the 536 households receiving assistance to pay rent.

The City’s leadership demonstrates conclusively how targeted spending developed in consultation with community organizations can go beyond maintaining the level of homelessness and actually start moving towards ending it.

In contrast, two of the three other areas ATEH measures received a failing grade of “F” and the third one a “D+”.

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Ottawa, ON, Canada