Ending Homelessness in Santa Monica

This evaluation was designed to help us understand the scope of homelessness in Santa Monica, the positions and interests of the various stakeholders, and what is working and what is not. We used various evaluation methods to help gain this understanding, including interviews with more than 100 stakeholders; write-in responses from another 150 people; and analysis of budget data, performance statistics, and data on homeless people receiving services from Santa Monica homeless assistance providers. These Highlights are structured to accomplish two things: (1) to give readers a sense of some of the simpler findings of the evaluation – some basic facts about homeless people, homeless services, and costs, and (2) to present the evaluation’s many recommendations in a concise format. Report chapters provide significantly greater detail about the basic facts, and also provide findings related to a number of questions posed for this evaluation related to access to services, service duplication, service gaps, and system performance. Recommendations offered in these Highlights grow out of these more detailed findings, a few of which are quite technical. (Authors)

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