European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 10.1, July 2016




Housing and Service Interventions for Families Experiencing Homelessness in the United States: An Experimental Evaluation1
Marybeth Shinn, Scott R. Brown, Michelle Wood and Daniel Gubits

How Do We Measure Success in Homelessness Services? Critically Assessing the Rise of the Homelessness Outcomes Star
Guy Johnson and Nicholas Pleace

Introducing the Housing First Model in Spain: First Results of the Habitat Programme
Roberto Bernad, Rebeca Yuncal and Sonia Panadero

Parenting within Homelessness: A Qualitative Study on the Situation of Homeless Fathers and Social Work in Homeless Support Services in Vienna
Marc Diebäcker, Yann Arhant and Roswitha Harner

The Italian Network for Implementing the ‘Housing First’ Approach
Teresa Consoli, Caterina Cortese, Paolo Molinari and Anna Zenarolla

Research Review

Homeless People in the Netherlands: CODA-G4, a 2.5-year Follow-up Study 
Barbara Van Straaten, Dike Van de Mheen, Jorien Van der Laan, Gerda Rodenburg, Sandra N Boersma and Judith RLM Wolf

Think Pieces

Attitudes towards Homeless Persons in the Czech Republic: A Research Note 
Michaela Smidova and Martin Vavra

Nienke Boesveldt’s response to Joe Doherty’s review of her thesis ‘Planet Homeless. Governance arrangements in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow’ 
Nienke Boesveldt

Book Reviews

Promoting Protection of the Right to Housing – Homelessness Prevention in the Context of Evictions 
P. Kenna, L. Benjaminsen, V. Busch-Geertsema, and S. Nasarre-Aznar

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European Journal of Homelessness