European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 9.2, December 2015




The Policing of a Homeless Shelter: Private Security Patrolling the Border of Eligibility 
Marja Elsinga

Differential Treatments of Rental Home Seekers According to their Sociodemographic and Economic Status by Real Estate Agencies in Belgium
Katleen Van den Broeck and Kristof Heylen

Pathways through Homelessness in Helsinki
Eeva Kostiainen

Parenting within Homelessness: A Qualitative Study on the Situation of Homeless Fathers and Social Work in Homeless Support Services in Vienna
Marc Diebäcker, Yann Arhant and Roswitha Harner

Institutionalisation and Deformalisation: Reorganising Access to Service Provision for Homeless EU Migrants
Magdalena Mostowska

Revisiting the Concept of Shelterisation: Insights from Athens, Greece
Vassilis Arapoglou, Kostas Gounis and Dimitra Siatitsa

Strategy Review

Searching for a Homeless Strategy in Sweden
Ingrid Sahlin

Research Review

Findings from a Fidelity Assessment of a Housing First Programme in a Small Canadian City 
Tim Aubry, John Ecker, Stephanie Yamin, Jonathan Jetté, John Sylvestre, Danielle Nolin and Hélène Albert

How Many Homeless People Live in Spain? Incomplete Sources and Impossible Predictions 
Albert Sales

Can We Compare Homelessness across the Atlantic? A Comparative Study of Methods for Measuring Homelessness in North America and Europe 
Alison Smith

Think Pieces

Thinking Outside the Charity Box: Media Coverage of Homelessness 
Eoin Devereux

Values, Faith and Homelessness - What Space for Atheism? 
Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Seeing the ’Homeless City’? Some Critical Remarks on the Visual Production of Homelessness through Photography 
Katharina Schmidt

Book Reviews

Nienke Boesveldt (2015) Planet Homelessness: Governance Arrangements in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow 
Joe Doherty

Matthew D. Marr (2015) Better Must Come: Exiting Homelessness in Two Global Cities 
Nicholas Pleace

Evelyn Dyb and Arne Holm (2015) Rus og bolig: Kartlegging av boligsituasjonen til personer med rusmiddelproblemer [Substance Use and Housing: Survey of Housing for People with Substance Abuse Problems] 
Maja Flåto

European Commission (2014) Study on Mobility, Migration and Destitution in the European Union 
Wayne Stanley

Naomi Nichols (2014) Youth Work: An Institutional Ethnography of Youth Homelessness
Mary Louise Corr

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European Journal of Homelessness