Evaluating Homeless Prevention

This research was commissioned in 2004 to investigate the practical implementation of homelessness prevention on the part of local authorities and their partner agencies. The main objectives were to:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches to preventing homelessness;
  • provide evidence on the value for money of homelessness prevention work;
  • produce a good practice guide on homelessness prevention; and
  • make recommendations on the future monitoring of homelessness prevention work by local authorities and central government.

The research focused mainly on activities launched under local authorities’ homelessness strategies, some of which were funded through Housing and Homelessness Directorate (HHSD) grants. It was based mainly on detailed case study work in ten local authorities. In order to provide examples of practice in this field the local authorities selected as case studies for the research were chosen from among those believed by HHSD and key stakeholders such as Shelter, to be ‘relatively active’ in this field.

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