Evaluating an Innovative Scheme for Preventing Youth Homelessness

A review of an innovative approach to youth homelessness that tackles the problem in advance of a crisis being reached.

This report explores the experiences of young people participating in the "cluster schemes" set up by Safe in the City and the impact of the schemes in moving young people away from the risk factors associated with social exclusion and youth homelessness.

The cluster schemes are an innovative approach to youth homelessness that attempt to tackle the problems that can lead to homelessness in advance of crisis point being reached. Each cluster scheme was managed for Safe in the City by a local lead partner agency and brought together projects tackling three key areas: family support, personal development and skills and employability.

The report explores young people's perceptions of their scheme and assessments of its role in their life. It also describes the extent to which they moved away from key areas of risk that can lead to a young person becoming homeless. The report concludes by detailing the elements of service delivery that lead to the most successful outcomes for young people. (Authors)

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United Kingdom