Everyone Counts: 2018 Guelph-Wellington Point-In-Time Count

The 2018 Guelph-Wellington Point-in-Time Count included an enumeration of individuals experiencing homelessness living unsheltered, emergency sheltered, temporarily sheltered (i.e. couch surfing), and in unknown locations. The count was conducted over a three-day period in Guelph and over a seven-day period in Wellington County.

Volunteers and staff from the homeless-serving system conducted an in-person survey, the results of which were used to estimate the characteristics of the local population experiencing homelessness. Information collected from the survey is also used to inform local service delivery, target resources, and fulfill provincial reporting requirements.

This report provides important background information, covers the count methodology, including challenges and limitations, and shares the overall findings, as well as findings from specific sub-populations. The information is meant to provide a snapshot of homelessness in our community at a specific point-in-time and should be used to inform service provision, resource allocation, and target setting toward ending homelessness.

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