Everyone Counts Peel: 2018 Joint Point-in-Time Count and Registry Week Results

Effective 2018, the Region of Peel is participating in a coordinated effort, funded by the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy and the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Housing, to measure homelessness locally once every two years. The Region of Peel, in collaboration with the Peel Alliance to End Homelessness (PAEH) and other community partners, conducted a joint Point-in-Time (PiT) Count and Registry Week in April 2018. The purpose of the initiative, referred to as “Everyone Counts Peel”, is to better understand the scale and scope of homelessness in Peel Region while establishing a baseline to measure our progress in reducing it over time. More than 100 surveyors from homeless-serving organizations conducted surveys in specific locations in Caledon, Mississauga and Brampton over a three-day period. The locations included emergency shelters, transitional housing facilities, meal programs, drop-in centres, and food banks. The responses from the surveys provide key information on demographics, characteristics, and service needs of people experiencing homelessness in Peel Region. These results will be used to inform local-level service delivery and resource allocation as we move toward ending homelessness in our community.

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