Falvo report a wake-up call for government

WHITEHORSE - NDP Social Services critic Jan Stick says the “Poverty Amongst Plenty” report is a wake-up call for the government to get serious and act meaningfully to reduce poverty.

The report’s author, Nick Falvo of Carleton University, presented his findings and recommendations after studying poverty in the Yukon and government inaction to address it.

“Most other jurisdictions in Canada have poverty reduction strategies, even legislation, but not the Yukon,” said Stick. “It’s time for this government to act on the very sensible recommendations of this report. By not addressing and reducing poverty, we just end up paying in other ways, in the form of higher costs for healthcare, justice and child welfare.”

See the Full Report: Poverty Amongst Plenty: Waiting for the Yukon Government to Adopt a Poverty Reduction Strategy

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Yukon Territory, Canada