The Financialization of Housing in Canada: Project Summary Report

This report serves to introduce and summarize the findings from a series of reports commissioned by the Office of the Federal Housing Advocate on the financialization of housing. It begins by considering the social value of housing and the emergence of the right to housing in international and Canadian law. It then defines financialization and maps the role of states in favouring financialization in the housing industry, as well as the investment strategies used by the financial industry. Financialization has played out differently with different types of housing, and so to understand the phenomenon as a whole, the report examines financialization of single-family homes, multi-family rentals, seniors’ housing, social housing, student housing, short-term rentals, and mobile home communities, as well as the financialization of mortgages. This analysis gives a basis to trace the impacts of financialization and develop a series of recommendations to address it. Finally, this summary report looks in turn at each of the other reports in the series, offering a brief summary of how they fit into the body of literature on the financialization of housing.

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