Getting it Right: Communicating About Homelessness - Spring 2014

Communicating about homelessness is important for NGOs and activist groups working towards ending homelessness. The way they present homelessness can help to dispel negative stereotypes that can be a barrier to public interest in the issue but also to political will to change the situations that cause homelessness and keep people in homelessness. It can explain solutions to homelessness, and why they matter, to the people experiencing homelessness themselves as well as to the wider society. It can also show the value of homelessness services, but also the value of the individuals who use them, who are capable citizens worthy of respect and deserving of a decent home, just like everybody else.



The Priorities and Challenges for Homeless Organisations in Communicating About Homelessness
Roughan Mac Namara

The Poor in Mass Media: Negative Images in the US and UK versus Positive Images in Sweden and Denmark
Christian Albrekt Larsen

Communicating Homelessness: The EAPN Way
Rosa Quesada, Jonás Candalija, Beatriz Iraeta

Representing Homeless People in the Popular Media – Some Hints from The City is for All
The City is for All

 “Be As Cool as the Homeless.” Why Do Polish Homeless People Advertise Beanies? New Trends in Stigmatising Homeless People
Anna Kwaśnik and Łukasz Browarczyk

Raising Awareness About Homelessness: Fondation Abbé Pierre’s Tweet2rue and Poster Campaigns
Marc Uhry

Uncomfortable Little Stones in Their Shoes
Henrique Pinto

Publication Date: 
Spring 2014